He opened his eyes. Thoughts whirled around, images took shape
and disappeared again. Voices in his mind that begged, prayed and
seldom also thanked. That would pass, he had been told. It would be some
It would take time to get used to it and get it so far under control
got that he could just suppress it.
She was lying next to him. In his arms. Her blonde hair fell in curls on top of the white
Pillow. Her mouth, once full of the pulsating color, looked dull and bloodless. Your
Skin, icy and as pale as it would never have been in life.
How long has she been dead? One night? Two or three? It didn't know. Because
the assessment, the perception of this simple size had shifted.
There was a knock on the door and he rolled off the bed. He quickly got up
sink the chair next to it. He didn't have to ask in. It wasn't his house. He
was just as much a guest here as she was.
The door opened with a swing and a cloud of perfume filled the room.
Unsuitable for what he thought was an occasion. She stepped in, briefly looked at
pass him by and he could read the disapproval in it all too clearly. With the
She pounded high heels over the carpet, which wasn't thick enough to hold it
still to be dampened. Black silk tights, a sparkling short skirt,
which reproduced the gold of the glowing candles in the same color. And the black one
Top with the much too wide neckline. She was quite sure even into that
the smallest detail made up.
He wasn't sure what bothered him about it. That she dressed like that, or that she did it
just had to do at a moment like this.
"We're worried about you," she said now and he could really move
recognize in their expression. That suited her even less. He didn't say. What for?
She wouldn't understand.
“Damn it Robert. She's dead. There's no point in staying here all night
sitting around. She wouldn't want that either. ”She seemed really serious
mean. And he could almost believe her. But he just knew his mother for that
too good. Secretly she was glad it had ended like this. She had from the beginning
at, had something against Tina. It didn't really matter what. She always did.
Tried to take what was important to him. It was never good enough. All
would only be after his money. Unfortunately she was always right. But
not this time. Not with Tina. And yet no one could have guessed.
A stroke and she was dead. At 30 years old. You would have the rest of your life
can spend together. Instead, it ended like this.
His mother continued to stare at him, then snorted and left again
the room. Better this way. He didn't want her here. It was his wake. And
he could only wait.
Inwardly he had to laugh. She would be amazed. His mother would scream
and scream when she realized there was nothing left. He had sold her house
Transfer all of your cash to someone else. All he had
he had to give up. She wouldn't own anything anymore. That was his revenge on her.
But when she discovers it, he won't be here anymore.
And yet a doubt remained. What if he was a cheater? If
had he just been tricked? A theater, a drama, just to dupe him
respectively? He felt a change, but that could also be imagination.
He just had to do it. There was no other way out. This tiny one
Hope was worth it. He couldn't give him any guarantee because she was already dead
when he got it. He should wait three nights, then there would be none
Hope more.
He got up from the chair and walked over to the window. He opened it and let himself be
Caress from the breeze out there. If there was no way out for her, he would
also not anymore. He would end it as well.
There was a rustle behind him and he spun around. Faster than ever in his life
before that he was on the bed. His heart raced, his breath pounded. She opened the
Eyes. "Tina," he whispered with a breaking voice, the tears choking everyone
another word.
"My love. What did you do? ”She asked him. Easily dazed and confused
her gaze swept the room.
"We will be together. Forever. ”He pushed the sobs off and kissed
her very gently on the lips. She let it happen and then she returned it
"But first you have to do something." He interrupted the moment. He opened it
first buttons on the shirt and pushed the collar down. She looked spellbound
his neck.
" Do it. I want it and you need it. Together forever. Just you and me."
"Together forever," she repeated.
Then he saw her canine teeth grow to a point, heard a supernatural growl
and yet wasn't afraid. He knew what he wanted and had everything for it
sacrificed. Only they. Forever. And soon the time had come.

Author: Nismion LeVieth

Writer, scribe and creative soul. Never tired of speaking, of writing only enslaved in love, so there is much, much more, in the name of the three who are then only one: Bruno T Schelig; BTTrybowski; Nismion LeVieth. Traces that you want to follow can be found by yourself. Instinct, tied to curiosity, shows the right way.

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