Mind VS Heart

The mind,

he chose, the rest had to follow.

Logic, values, reason and morality,

a benchmark for the way of the future.


One day, then several, and the nights passed.

No sleep that still recovered.

No taste that was still refreshing.

A bland play of colors perpetuates in each of the senses.


The greatest strength

now used

Considerations, cross-references and yet

only incomprehension formed the conclusion.


A feeling,

penetrated in every fiber,

overheard and thought away,

is not defenseless at heart.


It takes the basis of the ruling rationality,

fogged as long as

until the mind learns to be silent.

And now he too understands

understands the stupidity of his actions,

understands the powerlessness based on this structure.


He chose,

naive, innocent,

in the sole awareness of his omnipotence.


Removed from his strength,

of superiority and distance,

he listens to the softly whispered words for the first time,

of storm and fire,

that he suppressed.


He'll give in

it cannot be otherwise.

In the future,

in a when

that by then it might be too late.


A mind

he weighs up and decides


that feelings in the end never remain silent.

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Author: Nismion LeVieth

Writer, scribe and creative soul. Never tired of speaking, of writing only enslaved in love, so there is much, much more, in the name of the three who are then only one: Bruno T Schelig; BTTrybowski; Nismion LeVieth. Traces that you want to follow can be found by yourself. Instinct, tied to curiosity, shows the right way.

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