The price of knowledge

Knowledge in itself is free. You can find it through every possible source. In an unprecedented time it was primarily books. Before that, word of mouth.
The father passed it on to the son. For years. We have now moved on to the internet as the greatest resource.
But knowledge there is by no means free. Sure, you don't pay for it directly, or in the rarest of cases. But you are used, as a consumer, as an individual in the market economy. Advertising banners flash invitingly on the side, text links controlled by Google, tempting to click, Adsense advertising. Or you will first be sent via an advertisement so that you have already made money beforehand.
All of this is legitimate and allowed. And it doesn't bother anyone as long as it is not overdone.
But, since this site, like any other Hp, wants to be financed, is it really free? And is it also the knowledge that has been published in this way?
But how do you get really free knowledge?
The library?
Financed by the city. Money also flows here so that it can be offered.
Free of charge does not really exist in our time.
Relatives, acquaintances, friends who give us advice, apparently free of charge.
But, paid for in advance, through expressions of sympathy, mutual help, being there for each other, etc.
There is no money, but an exchange cannot be regarded as free of charge.
We only acquire free knowledge through our own experiences, only through our own thinking, observing our environment.
Then you can begin to understand connections, draw conclusions and create new knowledge yourself.
And then, if you feel like it, you can pass on your newly acquired knowledge.
In exchange for something new, with or without a financial aspect.

So what is the price of knowledge?
If you start with the smallest text links, the range starts at 8 ct and goes up into the immeasurable when you think of e-books that are already presented.
However, it is not the knowledge that is paid for, but rather the processing, the presentation.
But the knowledge in itself is free. It belongs to humanity by nature, like every single being of the human species.
Because just as every lifespan, every life is inestimably valuable, so is the knowledge that is priceless that arises in decades, centuries.
And it is only thanks to our time that money has so much power that it tries to turn every opportunity into a profit.
But as long as no one overdoes it, it's still acceptable and we accept being used as a projector for advertisements every now and then.
As long as we are not caught up enough to realize that.

Author: Nismion LeVieth

Writer, scribe and creative soul. Never tired of speaking, of writing only enslaved in love, so there is much, much more, in the name of the three who are then only one: Bruno T Schelig; BTTrybowski; Nismion LeVieth. Traces that you want to follow can be found by yourself. Instinct, tied to curiosity, shows the right way.

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