The silence on the path to your own strength

The silence is the friend of the most beautiful thoughts as well as ideas. With yourself you can find the closest friend inside. Always present and only too easily ignored. You are yourself the greatest enemy or enlightening, comforting soul in your own splendor of innermost light.

There is so much that you don’t know?

Right with nieces. Because unconsciously the inside grows and draws from the infinity of dreams, perception on the side. The unconscious knowledge is almost as limitless as your own imagination knows how to spread. If one can switch off the conscious mind and access the depths, then one will only guess the fundus of which the deep inside is capable.

Now the silence is the mediator between the worlds. The conscious, the unconscious. A first step on the path to touch the inner depth, power and also strength.

Much in this world is created in such a way that it only distracts us, wants to distract us from the truth. Passing joys that can satisfy a momentary thirst, but never send the longing lurking inside that drives you astray, because you are your helpless slave without willingly taking control. The true, the deep, is not so easily found in the side, and yet its discovery is a satisfaction, a crystal of its own infinity.


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